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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 49 Repealing Ordinance No 34 and Reestablishing the Time and Place of Regular Meetings of the Bellevue City Council 1/12/1954 Repealed by 64
Ord. 48 Creating a Board of Adjustment, Providing for Its Membership and Its Duties Authority and Procedure 1/12/1954 Not codified
Ord. 47 Amending Sections of Ordinace No 27 - the Traffic Ordinance 12/9/1953 Not codified
Ord. 46 Relating to and Regulating Taxicabs and for Hire Cars 11/24/1953 Repealed by 455
Ord. 45 Amending Section 1 (F) of Ordinance No 2 Relating to Land Use 11/10/1953 Not codified
Ord. 44 Providing for the Issuance and Sale of Bonds for Administrative Expenses 1953-54 11/10/1953 Not codified
Ord. 43 Establishin a Penal Code, Defining Certain Conduct, Prescribing Penalties 11/10/1953 Not codified
Ord. 42 Amending Subsection F of Section 1 of Land Use Ordinance 10/27/1953 Not codified
Ord. 41 Amending Ordinace No 6 By Adding the Section Providing for Exemptions to the Admission Tax 10/27/1953 Repealed by 181
Ord. 40 Vacating Portions of 118TH Ave NE, 120TH Ave NE 122nd NE, NE 12TH, NE 14th, and NE 16TH Street on Petition of Nw Improvement Co and N Pacific Railway 10/13/1953 Not codified
Ord. 39 Adopting Budget for 1954 10/5/1953 Not codified
Ord. 38 Amending Sec 1 (F) of Ordinace #2 9/22/1953 Not codified
Ord. 37 Repealing Ordinace No 19 Declaring the Invalidity in Limine Thereof 9/8/1953 Not codified
Ord. 36 Amending Section 1 (F) of Ordinace No 2 Relating to Land Use Classifications 9/8/1953 Not codified
Ord. 35 Amending Subsection (F) of Section 1 of Ordinance No 2 By Amending Sections 5A, 9A, 10A, and 14A of the Land Use Code 8/25/1953 Not codified
Ord. 34 Resetting the Number of Regular Meetings of the Bellevue City Council 8/25/1953 Repealed by 49
Ord. 33 Imposing Business and Occupation Tax on Telephone Business Requiring a Business Licence for the Same 8/23/1953 Not codified
Ord. 32 Adopting a City Budget for the Period from 41/1953 To 12/31/1953 8/11/1953 Not codified
Ord. 31 Prescribing Terms and Conditions Applicable To Franchises Granted To Public or Private Util Corp 8/11/1953 Not codified
Ord. 30 Ammending Sec 1 (F) of Ordinance #2 Relating To Land Use Classifications 7/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 29 Prescribing Sight Areas at Intersections of All Streets Avenues and Hwys 7/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 28 Relating To Pensions and Retirement for Employees Extending Social Security Act and Wash State Dept of Employment for Employees 7/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 27 Regulating Mortor Vehicles, Traffic, and Transportaion on Public Streets Defining Offenses and Providing Penalties 7/7/1953 Repealed by 72
Ord. 26 Establish Rates and Compensation for City Clerk, City Treasurer, and City Attorney 6/30/1953 Not codified
Ord. 25 Amending Sect 3 of Ordinace No 2 Re Establishing Fire Zones 6/23/1953 Repealed by 80