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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 31 Prescribing Terms and Conditions Applicable To Franchises Granted To Public or Private Util Corp 8/11/1953 Not codified
Ord. 30 Ammending Sec 1 (F) of Ordinance #2 Relating To Land Use Classifications 7/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 29 Prescribing Sight Areas at Intersections of All Streets Avenues and Hwys 7/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 28 Relating To Pensions and Retirement for Employees Extending Social Security Act and Wash State Dept of Employment for Employees 7/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 27 Regulating Mortor Vehicles, Traffic, and Transportaion on Public Streets Defining Offenses and Providing Penalties 7/7/1953 Repealed by 72
Ord. 26 Establish Rates and Compensation for City Clerk, City Treasurer, and City Attorney 6/30/1953 Not codified
Ord. 25 Amending Sect 3 of Ordinace No 2 Re Establishing Fire Zones 6/23/1953 Repealed by 80
Ord. 24 Business and Occupational Tax Defining Offenses and Prescribing Penalties 6/23/1953 Not codified
Ord. 23 Regulating Manufacture,Storage,Sale, and Use of Fireworks Prescribing Penalties for Violation 6/23/1953 Repealed by 457
Ord. 22 Amending Ordinace 13 Fixing License Fees for Pinball and Similar Games of Skill 6/23/1953 Repealed by 128
Ord. 21 Regulating the Business of Collecting and Removing Garbage Providing for Liens for the Cost Thereof and Penalties 6/21/1953 Not codified
Ord. 20 Regulating Cuttings and Restoration of Curbs and Streetsconditions for Obtaining Permit for Const of Driveways Providing Penalty for Violation 6/9/1953 Repealed by 151
Ord. 19 Annexing Portion of Block 2 Mcgovern Tracts 6/2/1953 Repealed by 37
Ord. 18 Prohibiting Domestic Animals from Running at Large Providing Penalties for Violation 6/2/1953 Not codified
Ord. 17 Setting Hours for Transaction of City Business 5/26/1953 Not codified
Ord. 16 Defining Acts or Omissions As Public Nuisances Prescribing Penalties 5/17/1953 Not codified
Ord. 15 Prescribing Requirements of Bids, Establish a Procedure for Receiving Opening and Acting Upon Bids 5/19/1953 Not codified
Ord. 14 Amending Sect 2 of Ordinance 2 Re Establishing Building Permit Fees and Add New Secion 5/18/1953 Not codified
Ord. 13 Fixing License Fees of Pinball and Similar Games Providing for Penalty for Violation 5/5/1953 Not codified
Ord. 12 Relating to the purchase of supplies 5/5/1953 Not codified
Ord. 11 establishing the powers and duties of the City Manager, fixing the amount of his bond and compensation, and manner of qualification. 5/5/1953 Not codified
Ord. 10 Designating three public places of posting, 5/5/1953 Not codified
Ord. 9 Establish City Treasurer Define Duties, Powers Determining Compensation 4/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 8 Establish Police Dept Define Its Functions, Prode for Personnel 4/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 7 Establish Dept of Streets and Public Works Defining Its Functions 4/28/1953 Not codified