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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 8 Establish Police Dept Define Its Functions, Prode for Personnel 4/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 7 Establish Dept of Streets and Public Works Defining Its Functions 4/28/1953 Not codified
Ord. 6 Levying Admission Tax, Fixing Amount 5/1/1953 Repealed by 181
Ord. 5 Establishing City Clerk Office, Duties,Powers 4/21/1953 Not codified
Ord. 4 Bids for publication of official notices 4/14/1953 Not codified
Ord. 3 Restricting Open Fires 4/14/1953 Repealed by 456
Ord. 2 Adoption of Construction, Land Use, Fire, Elec, Bldg, Codes 4/7/1953 Not codified
Ord. 1 Establish City Planning Commission 4/7/1953 Not codified