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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 52A State Dept of Highways Submits a Set of Plans Showing the Proposed Grade Elevations on the Route of Ssh 2-a Mid Lakes to Kirkland 12/22/1953 Special
Res. 52 Regarding Membership in Association of Washington Cities 11/24/1953 Special
Res. 51 Allowing the Bellevue Sewer District to Install Improvements and Give Consent to Financing of Such Improvemens 11/24/1953 Special
Res. 50 Appointment of Justice of Peace for the City of Bellevue 11/12/1953 Special
Res. 49 a Second Lake Bridge Crossing for Lake Washington 9/22/1953 Special
Res. 48 Fixing Time for Hearing of Petition to Vacate Streets 9/22/1953 Special
Res. 47 Granting a Franchise to Seattle Gas Company to Use Streets and Public Ways for Construction of a Gas Distribution System Within the City 9/22/1953 Special
Res. 46 Granting a Franchise to Water District 68 to Use Streets and Public Way for Construction of a Water System Within the City 9/22/1953 Special
Res. 43 Accepting Kc Treasurer'S Deeds to Maydenbauer Park and Chesterfield Park 7/14/1953 Special
Res. 42 Construction of Second Bridge Over Lake Washington and Opposing Tolls on Existing Lk Washington Bridge 5/12/1953 Special
Res. 41 Authorizing King County Engineer to Deliver to the City Certain Road Bonds 5/12/1953 Special
Res. 40 Authorizing Commissioners of King County to Post Road Signs Within the City Limits 5/12/1953 Special
Res. 39 Authorizing King County Engineer to Check Applications for Plats Within the City 5/5/1953 Special
Res. 6 Directing the Mayor to Obtain a Post Office Box and Telephone 3/31/1953 Special
Res. 5 Designating the Professional Buiding at Main Street As Temporary City Office 3/31/1953 Special
Res. 4 Adopting the Washington State Bank As Official Depository for the City 3/31/1953 Special
Res. 3 Creating Committee to Appoint a City Manager and City Clerk 3/31/1953 Special
Res. 2 Setting Time and Place of City Council Meetings 3/31/1953 Special
Res. 1 Creating a Committee to Prepare Rules Governing Procedure and Conduct of City Council Meetings 3/31/1953 Special