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When any initiative petition is found to be sufficient by the clerk and the proposal or question is to be submitted to the voters the question or proposal shall be advertised as provided for nominees for office for code cities, and in such cases there shall also be printed on the ballot a concise statement not exceeding 100 words containing the essential features thereof expressed in such a manner as to clearly identify the proposition to be voted upon, which statement shall be prepared by the city attorney. In addition to such a statement, the city attorney preparing the statement shall also prepare a caption, not to exceed 10 words in length, to permit the voters readily to identify the proposition and distinguish it from other propositions on the ballot. This caption shall be placed on the ballot immediately before the statement, and shall be printed in heavy black type in such a manner as to be readable at a glance. The caption and statement together shall constitute the ballot title. (Ord. 2230 § 17, 1975.)