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A. The transportation impact fee schedule determined pursuant to BCC 22.16.080(A) shall be adopted by a separate ordinance; provided, that the schedule of impact fee rates per development unit for specific land use types may be reduced below the amounts determined by BCC 22.16.080(A) as the council deems appropriate.

B. In no event shall the impact fee schedule authorized pursuant to this chapter exceed the maximum amounts authorized pursuant to BCC 22.16.080(A) as calculated in the transportation impact fee program report.

C. The transportation impact fee schedule may be revised at any time the council deems just and appropriate, including, but not limited to, concurrent with the update of the Transportation Facilities Plan and transportation impact fee program report. The council shall revise the impact fee schedule in the event that the transportation impact fee program report prepared in accordance with BCC 22.16.080(A) indicates that the impact fee schedule must be updated to avoid fees in excess of the maximum rate established by such report. (Ord. 6519 § 7, 2020; Ord. 5871 § 7, 2009.)