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A. Following notice and public hearing as prescribed in RCW 84.14.040 (now or as hereafter amended), the city council may designate one or more residential targeted areas, in addition to the area(s) stated in subsection D of this section, upon a finding by the city council in its sole discretion that the residential targeted area meets the following criteria:

1. The residential targeted area is within an urban center as defined by Chapter 84.14 RCW (now or as hereafter amended);

2. The residential targeted area lacks sufficient available, desirable and convenient residential housing, including affordable housing, to meet the needs of the public who would be likely to live in the urban center if the affordable, desirable, attractive and livable residences were available; and

3. Providing additional housing opportunity, including affordable housing, in the residential targeted area will assist in achieving one or more of the following purposes:

a. Encourage increased residential opportunities within the city; or

b. Stimulate the construction of new affordable multifamily housing.

B. In designating a residential targeted area, the city council may also consider other factors, including:

1. Whether additional housing in the residential targeted area will attract and maintain an increase in the number of permanent residents;

2. Whether providing additional housing opportunities for low and moderate income households would meet the needs of citizens likely to live in the area if affordable residences were available;

3. Whether an increased permanent residential population in the residential targeted area will help to achieve the planning goals mandated by the Growth Management Act under Chapter 36.70A RCW, as implemented through the city’s comprehensive plan; or

4. Whether encouraging additional housing in the residential targeted area supports plans for significant public investment in public transit or a better jobs and housing balance.

C. At any time, the city council may, by ordinance, in its sole discretion, amend or rescind the designation of a residential targeted area pursuant to the same procedural requirements in subsection A of this section for the original designation.

D. The following area meets the criteria of this chapter for residential targeted areas and are designated as such: All parcels in all land use districts in which multifamily dwellings are allowed pursuant to BCC Title 20, now or as hereafter amended, are designated as a single residential target area under this chapter. (Ord. 6582 § 6, 2021; Ord. 6231 § 2, 2015.)