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A. Decision Criteria. The Department Director may approve or approve with modifications if:

1. The preliminary short plat makes appropriate provisions for, but not limited to, the public health, safety and general welfare, for open spaces, drainage ways, streets, sidewalks, alleys, other public ways, water supplies, sanitary waste; and

2. The public interest is served by the short subdivision; and

3. The preliminary short plat appropriately considers the physical characteristics of the proposed short subdivision site; and

4. The proposal complies with all applicable provisions of the Land Use Code, BCC Title 20, the Utility Codes, BCC Title 24, and the City of Bellevue Development Standards; and

5. The proposal is in accord with the Comprehensive Plan, BCC Title 21; and

6. Each lot in the proposal can reasonably be developed in conformance with current Land Use Code requirements without requiring a variance; however, requests for modifications to the requirements of Part 20.25H LUC, where allowed under the provisions of that part, may be considered together with an application for preliminary short plat so long as the resulting lots may each be developed without individually requiring a variance; and

7. All necessary utilities, streets or access, drainage and improvements are planned to accommodate the potential use of the entire property.

B. Written Decision of the Director:.

1. Content. The Department Director shall issue a written decision which contains the following:

a. A statement indicating that the application is approved, approved with modifications or denied; and

b. A statement of any conditions included as part of an approval; and

c. A statement of facts upon which the decision, including any conditions, was based and the conclusions derived from those facts; and

d. A statement of the right of any person who participated in the decision as provided for in LUC 20.45B.120 to appeal the decision of the applicable Department Director as provided for in LUC 20.45B.140.

2. Distribution. The Department Director shall mail the written decision to the applicant and each person who participates in the decision as provided for in LUC 20.45B.120. (Ord. 5682, 6-26-06, § 7; Ord. 5232, 6-26-00, § 17; Ord. 3938, 7-18-88)