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Variance. Permission which may be granted to vary from the requirements of the Land Use Code; such variance may not amount to the permission of a use where otherwise excluded by this Code. (Ord. 3690, 8-4-86, § 40)

Vehicle. A motorized conveyance that includes, but is not limited to an automobile, car, motorcycle, small watercraft, jet ski or snowmobile in operable condition. This definition does not include inoperable vehicles as defined in LUC 20.20.470 or conveyances regulated pursuant to LUC 20.20.720 (Recreational vehicles, watercraft and utility trailers) or 20.20.890 (Trailers, boats and large vehicles). (Ord. 5297, 6-18-01, § 2)

Vendor Cart. A cart with functional wheels which is not affixed to the ground, and which is operated for the purpose of vending food, drink, or retail goods, generally no larger than six feet wide by 10 feet long by eight feet tall. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 83)

Vessel. A ship, boat, barge or any floating craft which is designed for and used for navigation and does not interfere with the normal public use of the water. (Ord. 4055, 9-25-89; Ord. 3914, 5-23-88, § 29)

Veterinary Clinic or Hospital. The offices of one or more licensed veterinarians, including operating space, and space for the overnight keeping of animals. (Ord. 4028, 7-17-89, § 19)