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20.50.050 U definitions.
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Underground Building. A building or structure or portion thereof constructed entirely below existing or finished grade, whichever is lower. (Ord. 5089, 8-3-98, § 59)

Use. See Land Use.

Utility Facility. Public utility buildings, telephone exchanges, sewage pumping stations, gas and water substations, regional storm drainage detention facilities and similar facilities located on a specific site and necessary for the operation of a public utility. Administrative offices and physically dispersed utility systems are not included. (Ord. 5805, 3-3-08, § 4; Ord. 3778, 5-26-87, § 4)

Utility System. Physically dispersed elements through which a public utility supplies service including, but not limited to, poles and towers with crossarms, braces, guys and anchors; transmission and distribution lines; pad mounted switches, switches and above-ground transformers; underground transformers and microwave transformers; pipes; mains; interceptors; cables and underground conduits. (Ord. 3778, 5-26-87, § 4)

*Utility Trailer. Any vehicle with integral wheels designed to be towed by a motorized vehicle to transport goods, property, equipment or livestock. (Ord. 5475, 10-20-03, § 30; Ord. 3985, 2-21-89, § 9)

*Not effective within the jurisdiction of East Bellevue Community Council.