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International Building Code Section 405.4.3 is hereby amended by the addition of a new subsection 405.4.3.1 to read as follows:

[F] 405.4.3 Elevators. Where elevators are provided, each compartment shall have direct access to an elevator. Where an elevator serves more than one compartment, an enclosed elevator lobby shall be provided and shall be separated from each compartment by a smoke barrier in accordance with Section 709. Doorways in the smoke barrier shall be protected by fire door assemblies that comply with Section 716, shall comply with the smoke and draft control assembly requirements of Section 716.2.2.1 with the UL 1784 test conducted without an artificial bottom seal, and shall be automatic-closing by smoke detection in accordance with Section 716.2.6.6.

[F] 405.4.3.1 Fire service access elevator. In buildings with an occupied floor more than 80 feet below the level of exit discharge, not fewer than two fire service access elevators, or all elevators, whichever is less, shall be provided in accordance with Section 3007. Each fire service access elevator shall have a capacity of not less than 3,500 pounds and shall comply with Section 3002.4.

(Ord. 6531 § 5, 2020.)