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The Planning Commission may recommend and the City Council may adopt or adopt with modifications an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan if:

A. There exists obvious technical error in the pertinent Comprehensive Plan provision; or

B. The following criteria have been met:

1. The proposed amendment is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and other goals and policies of the City, the Countywide Planning Policies, the Growth Management Act and other applicable law; and

2. The proposed amendment addresses the interests and changed needs of the entire City as identified in its long-range planning and policy documents; and

3. The proposed amendment addresses significantly changed conditions since the last time the pertinent Comprehensive Plan map or text was amended. See LUC 20.50.046 for the definition of “Significantly Changed Conditions;” and

4. If a site-specific proposed amendment, the subject property is suitable for development in general conformance with adjacent land use and the surrounding development pattern, and with zoning standards under the potential zoning classifications; and

5. The proposed amendment demonstrates a public benefit and enhances the public health, safety and welfare of the City. (Ord. 5650, 1-3-06, § 2)