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Upon determination that there has been a violation of any decision criteria or condition of approval, the Director may give written notice to the permit holder describing the alleged violation. Within 14 days of the mailing of notice of violation, the permit holder shall show cause why the permit should not be revoked. At the end of the 14-day period, the Director shall sustain or revoke the permit. When a Temporary Encampment permit is revoked, the Director shall notify the permit holder by certified mail of the revocation and the findings upon which revocation is based. Appeals of decisions to revoke a Temporary Encampment Permit will be processed using the Process V appeal procedures. The availability of this procedure shall be in addition to the procedures set out in Chapter 1.18 BCC. (Ord. 6498, 12-9-19, § 6; Ord. 5615, 7-25-05, § 1)