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Rapid Charging Station. An industrial grade electrical outlet that allows for faster recharging of electric vehicle batteries through higher power levels, which meets or exceeds any standards, codes, and regulations set forth in Chapter 19.28 RCW and consistent with the rules adopted by the Building Code Council for electric vehicle infrastructure requirements. (Ord. 5989, 2-7-11, § 10)

Reclassification. Formal procedure to change the land use district designation for a land area, also commonly known as rezoning.

Recreation Space (Common). Interior or exterior areas designed and set aside exclusively for diversion, amusement or entertainment; including, but not limited to, swimming pools, tennis courts, rest areas, or picnicking areas, located and designed for common use of all residents within a Planned Unit Development. (Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 94; Ord. 4816, 11-27-95, § 193)

*Recreational Vehicle. Camper, motor home or trailer. (Ord. 5475, 10-20-03, § 26)

*Effective only within the jurisdiction of East Bellevue Community Council.

*Recreational Vehicle. Any vehicle defined as follows:

Any wheeled, motorized vehicle manufactured, converted or altered to provide self-contained temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or travel uses, and which does not exceed 40 feet in length. Any vehicle manufactured, converted, or altered which has integral wheels for towing or can be mounted on a motorized vehicle to provide self-contained, temporary living quarters for recreational, camping or travel uses. (Ord. 5475, 10-20-03, § 26; Ord. 3985, 2-21-89, § 7)

*Not effective within the jurisdiction of East Bellevue Community Council.

Recycling Center. A collection point for small refuse items, such as bottles and newspapers, located either in a container or a small structure. Size limits are provided by LUC 20.20.725. (Ord. 6277, 3-7-16, § 18)

Regional Utility System. An element of a utility system, other than an Electrical Utility Facility, LUC 20.50.018, which serves a geographic area greater than the City of Bellevue and its service areas as identified by a Master Plan adopted by the City of Bellevue. Examples of a regional utility system include a Metro interceptor line and BPA transmission line. Any system which does not meet this definition is a Local Utility System, LUC 20.50.032. (Ord. 5805, 3-3-08, § 3; Ord. 3778, 5-26-87, § 3)

Religious Activity. A use operated for worship, meditation or prayer. (Ord. 4028, 7-17-89, § 17)

Religious Facility. A facility operated for worship, prayer, meditation or similar activity by an organization granted tax exempt status by the Federal Internal Revenue Service. (Ord. 3884, 2-16-88, § 5)

Remodeling, Substantial. Construction which increases the floor area of an existing building or structure by at least 20 percent. (Ord. 3653, 5-19-86, § 7)

Repair. To restore a structure to its original condition. (Ord. 4973, 3-3-97, § 205; Ord. 4816, 11-27-95, § 305)

Replacement Value. The replacement value of a structure is the amount it would cost to replace it, minus deferred maintenance. The Director of the Development Services Department shall promulgate rules for determining the replacement value of structures in the context of this Code. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 81)

Reserved Area. That portion of a parcel designated OLB-OS that is reserved as open space as described in Part 20.25L LUC. (Ord. 5403, 8-5-02, § 15)

Residence, Single-Family. See Dwelling, Single-Family.

Residents’ Association, Homeowners’ Association. A formally constituted nonprofit association or corporation made up of the property owners and/or residents of a fixed area; may take permanent responsibility for costs and upkeep of semi-private community facilities.

Restaurant, Sit-Down. A restaurant at which all food and drink is consumed on the premises. (Ord. 3747, 1-20-87, § 25)

Restaurant, Take-Out. A restaurant that offers a take-out service whereby food may be consumed off the premises. A take-out restaurant may have seating facilities. (Ord. 3747, 1-20-87, § 25)

Restore. To re-establish ecological processes, structures, functions and biotic and abiotic linkages that lead to the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed. Restoration does not mandate a return to pre-development conditions. (Ord. 5683, 6-26-06, § 47)

Riding Academy, Commercial Stable. Any commercial or semi-public establishment where horses are kept for riding, driving or stabling. It may include structures and/or open roaming areas.

Right-of-Way, Public. All public streets and property dedicated to public use for streets together with public property reserved for public utilities, transmission lines and extensions, walkways, sidewalks, bikeways or equestrian trails.

Riprapping. The deposition of large stones, concrete, or similar materials intended to prevent or retard erosion of the shoreline waterfront.

Road, Private. A way open to vehicular ingress and egress established as a separate tract for the benefit of certain, adjacent properties. This definition shall not apply to driveways. (Ord. 3775, 5-26-87, § 30)

Road, Public. All public property reserved or dedicated for street traffic.

Rooming House. A non-owner-occupied dwelling in which rooms are rented on an individual room basis. (Refer to LUC 20.20.700 for general development requirements applicable to rooming house uses.) (Ord. 6616, 11-15-21, § 6; Ord. 6223, 4-6-15, § 8)