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A. Applicability and Relationship to Other Regulations. Where noted in the general Land Use Charts in LUC 20.10.440 and Use Charts for Downtown in LUC 20.25A.050.D, BelRed in LUC 20.25D.070, Eastgate Transit Oriented Development in LUC 20.25P.050 and East Main in LUC 20.25Q.050.D, and when located within the following areas:

1. Within 1/4 mile of a transit stop that receives transit service at least 2 times per hour for 12 or more hours per day; or

2. Within 1/2 mile of a transit stop that receives transit service at least 4 times per hour for 12 or more hours per day; or

3. Within one-half mile of a future light rail or bus rapid transit station scheduled to begin service within two years.

Micro-Apartments shall be eligible for exceptions and modified standards in subsection B of this section. Where there is a conflict between this section and other provisions of the Land Use Code, these exceptions and modified standards shall govern.

B. Standards. The following standards and exceptions apply to micro-apartments:

1. For the purposes of calculating dwelling units per acre, each micro-apartment shall be considered one-quarter of a dwelling unit.

2. Parking shall be provided at a ratio of one-quarter parking space per micro-apartment. Micro-apartments meeting the definition of Affordable Housing in LUC 20.50.010 shall have no parking minimum.

3. The Director may modify the minimum parking ratio for micro-apartments as set forth in subsection B.2 of this section when supported by a parking demand analysis provided by the applicant, including but not limited to:

a. Documentation supplied by the applicant regarding actual parking demand for the proposed use; or

b. Evidence in available planning and technical studies relating to the proposed use; or

c. Required parking for the proposed use as determined by other compatible jurisdictions.

4. Periodic Review. The Director may require periodic review of the proposed review of the reduced parking supply to ensure the terms of the approval are being met.

5. Weatherproof and secure bicycle parking shall be provided at a ratio of one bicycle parking space per every five micro-apartments.

6. Micro-apartments shall be exempt from the provisions of LUC 20.20.540, Multifamily play areas. (Ord. 6742, 6-5-23, § 2)